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Other ways to give

There are 40 million unused devices in houses around the UK. Recycle them and help us to help reduce crime and the harm that it causes.

It is already those at a disadvantage – through age, education, income, disability or unemployment – who are most likely to be impacted by digital exclusion, further widening the social inequality gap (GoodThings Foundation, 2020). Offenders, ex-offenders and their families have a higher tendency to be digitally excluded (The Government Digital Service, 2020). However, their risk of reoffending drops significantly when digital skills, training and support is used to complement existing approaches.

A lack of digital access is linked to financial exclusion & an increased risk of falling into poverty. With over 40 million unused devices sitting in houses around the UK, it is unacceptable that people leaving prison do not have access to the basic tools to help them to find a job, manage their finances, and stay out of poverty.

People leaving prison may have gone years without regular contact with their family. Now, they are facing release to local lockdowns & social distancing, with many young people unable to stay with their families upon release as they had previously planned.

Family ties are so important.

Research by the MOJ shows that for a prisoner who receives visits from a family member the odds of reoffending are 39% lower than for those who do not. Good family and social relationships provide the hope and motivation to change, as well as critical emotional and physical support which is so important after spending time in prison.

Send us your old phone & we will redistribute to someone leaving prison to help them to maintain crucial family ties, reduce the likelihood that they will fall into poverty, and ensure that they can access crucial services.

We need your help

An ex-offender leaves prison with a grant of £49, just about enough to buy a food shop for a couple of weeks, whilst the average person in the UK replaces their phone every 2 years. Old phones can have a new life, and help people on their journey to a new life too

Buying phones and laptops is expensive, and has a big impact on the environment. If you have an old phone, laptop or tablet lying around in your house, please recycle this by sending this to us.

If you are a business who replaces digital devices for your employees regularly and would like to donate to us, get in touch with us to discuss how. We will update you on our progress and advertise our thanks via our social media channels. By supporting us in this small way, you will be contributing to your corporate responsibility aims, and developing a new friend and partner in us.

Here's how to donate your device

Wipe your phone of personal data (we will also check this prior to handing this out to service users), package up your phone or laptop in an envelope, and send it to us at:

Belong: Making Justice Happen,
Capital Offices, Kemp House,
152-160 City Road,

Alternatively, if you would like to help us achieve our mission to reduce crime and the harm that it causes but don’t have an device to recycle, you can donate to us here: https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/13515#!/DonationDetails or get in touch to discuss other ways you can support.